Randomly chosen testimonials:

Generating Internet Café Passwords

Firstly, thanks for Random.org. Excellent! Secondly, here's what I use Random.org for. To protect me from keyboard and mouse loggers when I'm at an Internet cafe, I use Random.org to give me a page of random numbers, from which I pick my password pieces and copy and paste them into a log in form. That way, the next time the page is served the numbers will be in a different place. Thirdly, to make this even more secure, I would love to be able to get a page of randomly organised letters (a-z) (and maybe even punctuation!) for my passwords. Thanks again!

—Peter Lovett, Australia

Running Retirement Home Contests

Dr. Haahr, just a quick thank-you for your Random.org website. I run a weekly contest for elderly residents of retirement homes in the US, and I have to select a prize winner from all the people who submit correct answers. So every week I assign sequential numbers to all the correct entries, and use your website to select the winner! Just thought you'd like to know your website is a valuable resource for us. Thanks again.

—Jeff Pepper, Touchtown, Inc., USA

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